Carpentry is a skillful trade, the main work carried out is the use of wood to construct a wide range of objects from buildings to chair legs.


In the United kingdom, commonly, the term is more accurately employed to explain 1st fix; concerning mostly the use of wood to develop wood framed roofs, flooring and timber framed structures – the areas of  the building that are generally  not visible in the completed construction.


‘2nd fix’ work, for example – skirting boards and doorways commonly referred to as ‘Joinery’. Carpentry is also employed to assemble the formwork into which concrete is poured throughout the course of| the duration of the constructing of structures such as roads, streets and overpasses. In the United kingdom the skill of creating timber formwork for poured concrete, is called ‘shuttering’. Even though wood is the main material utilised, the building of walls with metal studs, and concrete formwork with metal  forms is a carpentry skill.